capsule collection
vetements sport princesse tam tam
Join Princesse tam tam on the Côte d'Azur.
The sun on your skin. The sparkling water. The parasols everywhere. The soft shade. The heady scent of the South of France. The sand slipping between your fingers. The light breeze through your hair. The lapping waves, the cricket's song.

A sun-kissed capsule collection with exclusive blue prints featuring a floaty viscose maxi dress, cotton trousers and a dazzling swimsuit.

Dive into summer with an Azur vibe.
eau ete piscine
transats mer ete
plage parasol ete
‘‘A sun-kissed getaway
celebrating the sea.
Welcome to the Mediterranean.’’
crique mer ete
parasol ciel ete
crique plage ete
‘‘Your ticket to sail the high seas and get away from it all. Take a break in the sunshine. Relax...’’
the shaker is going
all Azur too