Comfort without compromise
"What kind of lingerie can I wear to go out, go to work or chill out at home... All in the same day?!"
Don't sweat it! What we and more and more women want are clothes that fit into our multi-tasking lifestyles.
Clothes that are casual but chic, that you can wear indoors and outdoors, day and night.
So we came up with the"LOUNGERIE"concept to capture this quest for freedom that Princesse tam tam has always been fuelled by.

comfort, femininity, liberty!
LOUNGERIE is designed to be the new generation of underwear: snug, easy to wear (no hooks, underwear or buttons),
stretchy, soft and incredibly comfortable. Underwear or outerwear... the choice is yours.
Our motto: comfort, femininity, liberty! LOUNGERIE is our new take on loungewear.
Clothes that know no boundaries and blend the best in lingerie with the best in loungewear.
Do you want to join the revolution?