lingerie + loungewear = loungerie
Comfort without compromise
Whether it's to play or chill, work or rest, squeeze every last drop out of your day:
we want to feel good no matter the occasion, always. Princesse tam tam, pioneering and following the curves of time since 1985!
Our revolution is in full swing, fuelled by our range of soft bras designed to give you freedom to move :
the feel good, the be cool, the take it easy* are blazing the trail with fits
that are exactly what you want and need.
"LOUNGERIE" is our latest concept inspired by our loungewear collection.

* The feel good : the comfort of no underwire with support to boot
The be cool : the push-up in total freedom
The take it easy : the bra that's not a bra

Say what?
A new take on lingerie that everyone here is already on board with.
- A sports bra vibe with no underwire that pulls on like a t-shirt.
- Super-soft fabrics that stroke your skin.
- 2D stretch to give you freedom to move.

This isn't lingerie; it's LOUNGERIE.
Do you want to join the revolution?