Our clients are the best ambassadors for our (under) garments! So who better than them to wear them and tell us about them?
Over a hundred of you entered our #princessetamtamandme competition to take part in a photo shoot this winter. 9 women were chosen:
Valérie, Louise, Juliette, Eléa, Venujah, Sandra, Marie, Helena and Assinri who we were delighted to meet
and turn into lingerie models for Princesse tam tam for the day!
Find out what happened behind the scenes of our photo shoot, what our clients had to say and which lingerie they wear in everyday life!

Discover the selection worn by our icons
« I'm proud to be part of
this inclusive campaign
celebrating every kind
of woman. »
- Helena -
- Juliette & Eléa, mother and daughter -
« It was fascinating going behind the scenes of the shoot and seeing
the passion the people working for Princesse tam tam put into their work.
I already loved the brand but now I love it even more!
- Juliette -
« Princesse tam tam is brave enough to show what real women look like. »
- Marie -
« I think all us customers
made a good team. »
- Assinri -
« I really enjoyed showcasing my curves and imperfections »
- Sandra -
- Backstages -
Discover the selection worn by our icons