Did you spot yourself in a lingerie shoot?
We had the pleasure of having three of our clients act as lingerie models for us.
You're our best ambassadors so who better than you to talk about them?
Who better than you to wear them?

soutiens-gorge sans armatures

We want to know! Why did you agree to do this lingerie shoot?

« The challenge! It may seem like a stressful experience (you're in your smalls in front of strangers after all! editor's note)
but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. A wonderful surprise! The welcoming team made me feel at ease immediately,
I managed to relax and then... I had the best time! You see, sometimes you just have to go for it. »
- Julie -

« It was a new experience for me and my motto is you should try something new when the opportunity arises!
It was a very funny, carefree and relaxed experience. The moral of the story:
no matter what you're wearing, the main thing is feeling good in your skin! »
- Aïcha -

« I decided to take part on impulse. I'm a bit of a prude and wanted to venture out of my comfort zone for my 48th birthday.
The shoot was radiant, lovely... I'll remember it as bubbly and friendly! »
- Léa -

soutien-gorge ECLAT soutiens-gorge INFINIMENT soutien-gorge ECLAT
soutiens-gorge sans armatures

What sort of underwear do you usually wear?

« Only soft bras! I feel free in them, not too tight, not too loose.
I love the Audacieuse model, its details, comfort and bright colours. »
- Julie -

« You know, I don't tend to wear a bra, only when I have to because of what else I'm wearing or just for the pleasure of wearing a beautiful set of lingerie.
The beauty of it is being able to wear lingerie yet feel free. My favourite model? The Be Cool Évidence. »
- Aïcha -

« I like the freedom of soft bras. The freedom of movement they bring and not feeling trapped in your underwear. »
- Léa -

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