The ultimate in embroidered tulle
Triangle bra,
Embroidered stretch tulle with gold clasps.
Feel good "light": the soft bra with effortless support.
Suitable for all chest sizes.
Medium support.

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Product specifications with details and environmental features

Design and finish: France
Weave: Thailand (tulle) China (embroidery)
Dye or print: China
Assembly: Madagascar

Main fabric: 49% Polyester 36% Polyamide 15% Elastane / Lining: 100% Polyamide

Releases plastic microfibres into the environment when washed

Care advice:
Fasten the bra hook before washing.
Wash the top and bottom together.
Use a delicate cycle at 30°C maximum and avoid a heavy load.
For hand washing underwired garments, do not twist the underwire or press the item between the hands or in a towel when wringing.
Use a mesh wash bag and delicate laundry detergent if your lingerie is machine-washable.
Bright and pale items should be washed with similar colours to avoid colour transfer.
Do not leave colourful items in the machine drum for too long after washing to avoid colour transfer to other items of clothing.
Please see label.

Our care instructions

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Free delivery from 120€

30 days to change your mind.

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Size matching:
XS: 70A or 65B
S: 75A or 70B
M: 80A, 75B or 70C
L: 80B, 75C or 70D
XL: 80C, 75D or 70E
XXL: 80D, 75E or 70F
XXXL:80E or 75F

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