the tam tam club is open

A club doesn't need to be select to be fabulous. Quite the opposite.
Accept who you are. People live by this mantra.
Love your body and cherish all your lumps and bumps, innies and outies, ups and downs.

Long live kindness, diversity and loyalty as the pillars of fashion made to last in a world that never stops moving!

Princesse tam tam's membership program has evolved to suit this state of mind.
Our tam tam club has gone for a 100% inclusive vibe to treat you like the Princesses you are. Each and every one of you.

how does the club work?

The golden rule: all our customers can join for free.
The tam tam club rewards your membership by giving you access to private sales
and all sorts of little treats to bring you an experience especially for you.

There are 3 levels at the tam tam club.
Whatever yours is, it's simple: you just have to be yourself to be called a Princesse.

the one
inside all of us

• Gifts
• Invitation to private sales
• Invitation to our in-store events​

the one
who goes for it​

• Exclusive gifts​
• Birthday present​
• Invitation to preview private sales
• Invitation to our in-store events​
• Dedicated customer service

the one
who sets the trends​

• Even more exclusive gifts
• Very special birthday present (ongoing project)
• Invitation to preview private sales
• Invitation to our in-store events​
• Free express delivery (only in France)
• Dedicated customer service​
• Become a Brand Ambassador: share your thoughts about the products and go behind the scenes at Princesse tam tam to get to know us better (ongoing project)

ready to join the club?


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