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Underwear is an integral part of any outfit that can be concealed or shown off to showcase our feminine flair. The fabrics are chic, sophisticated and loved: whether it be cotton, lace or unique prints, nothing's left to chance! This is the place where you'll find all the women's lingerie pieces you want in a matter of clicks. Lingerie describes two very different garments so take your pick from the women's underwear that's right for you. With triangle, underwired push-up, strapless and sports bras plus our new soft bras, no cleavage or woman has been left out; they come in every cup size you can think of. The same goes for your bootie: choose from hipsters, high-waist briefs, shorties, knickers, thongs or understated tangas. Let's not forget our selection of practical or pretty bodies and accessories such as cute socks or tights that add the finishing touch to your outfit. The colour palette: black, flesh, white, red, pink or multicolour means you can have fun with your lingerie every day or even several times a day! No outfit is complete without the right lingerie. Every minute that matters in a woman's life requires specific underwear: exercise, tight clothes, deep-Vs, summer, vests etc. Princesse tam tam lingerie has you covered. Let's take our soft iconic bras: they're made from soft yet strong materials like innovative lace to support any chest size, provide freedom to move and look super-stylish too. Take a look at the shaker briefs too: you'd think we've forgotten how to count 1+1 = 3* Actually, when you buy 2 pairs of briefs as part of the shaker offer, you get the 3rd pair free. What could be better? Remember, there's something for everyone: bras, frilly briefs, knickers, leggings, tights etc. When it comes to bras, the size and cup size, no chest has been left out: whether they're small or large, they all look fabulous. The sheer number of Princesse tam tam bra sizes is quite something! You can find the right one for you from 85 A to 100 F and know you can count on good support, pretty models, bright colours and unique stylish lace in lovely materials. Bottoms haven't been forgotten: you'll find what you're looking for with tangas, shorties, briefs, thongs, frilly knickers and hipsters that provide comfort, showcase your lady lumps and sculpt your silhouette. A lot of women love buying lingerie: whether it be classic, cheeky or colourful, you'll find what you want in the wide range available in a matter of clicks! We should mention that princesse tam tam lingerie, bras and briefs are all about timeless models with iconic stylish lace and putting fresh spins on our star pieces every season. Visit our Princesse tam tam to find the perfect women's lingerie that suits any style, be it colourful, plain or patterned. We all know that women's lingerie has become a fashion statement in itself so you've come to the right place. What woman hasn't struggled to find the right underwear that looks as good as it feels and is made from premium materials? Join us and find the right lingerie for you: an entire lingerie collection in your size is just a click away!

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