Different types of underwear bottoms

Briefs, thongs, tangas, shorties, how do you choose from the wide variety of underwear bottoms? It can be difficult to tell the difference between certain models as the details between cuts can be very subtle.
Then there's the myriad versions: high-waist, hipster, high-cut and full coverage which make it even trickier to pick a model.

Your body shape will help you choose a model: the shape of your bottom, hips and thighs. First of all, ask yourself which type of bottoms you want: briefs, thong, tanga or shorties?
As you find out more about the different shapes, you can tell which bottoms are your perfect fit: high-waist, hipster or high-cut, tanga briefs or high-cut tanga, classic shorties or Brazilian briefs? Follow great advice from Princesse tam.tam!