Tangas are seen as an evolution of the thong as they are halfway between the thong and Brazilian briefs. There's a tanga to suit any occasion be it classic or lacy.

Different tanga cuts

Just like other pieces of lingerie, tangas come in a variety of different cuts. What makes the difference is the hip coverage and amount of fabric covering the bottom. Depending on the fabric, you won't be able to see it through your clothes.

Tanga briefs: this is the most popular tanga shape. The hips are covered like classic briefs. The fabric or lace covers the bottom a little more than a thong but the fabric band is smaller than regular briefs.

Scoop tanga: some tangas with very little coverage can be confused with thongs. The fabric band on the hips is narrower than tanga briefs and there's less fabric covering your bottom so you can see a triangle shape at the top.


Who are tangas for?

This piece of lingerie appeared in the 80s and is a more discreet take on the thong that some see as less daring. What type of body shape are these types of briefs for?

Ideal for ladies with large hips and round bottoms: Like thongs, the high-cut shape doesn't draw attention to hips so they streamline the figure.
If you have very large hips, go for a very high-cut model. If you have a very curvy bottom, go for a very high-cut model that won't draw attention.

Ideal for those with a curvy bottom: more or less coverage depending on the cut. If you're comfortable in your skin then go for a very high-cut model. If you feel that very high-cut briefs are too bold then go for a pair with more coverage.
Lace and sheer details give tangas a touch of glamour and hold their own against more high-cut models.

Which tanga for what occasion?

Basics: For the ultimate in comfort, the classic tanga (no lace and usually in cotton) is perfect for everyday wear. We love: tangas in seamless microfibre and models with a thermobonded finish on the thighs. They are incredibly comfortable and completely invisible under trousers, dresses and skirts. What's also great about microfibre is that it's stretchy and lightweight. The basic models can be worn every day and are also a joy to wear during workouts.

Lace tangas: Treat yourself to lace tangas. Eye-catching and floral patterns as well as glam lace details will be your weapons of seduction.

High-cut briefs, thongs or tangas?

The tanga is more than just halfway between briefs and a thong. You'll find very high-cut models similar to thongs and other models with more coverage and similar to briefs.

Thongs and tangas flatter the figure if you have big hips and showcase curvy bottoms. High-leg briefs are ideal for ladies with slim thighs.