Halfway between tangas and shorts, shorties ooze feminine flair and can ramp up the sex appeal depending on the cut and fabric. Classic, lace, high-cut or not, there's a pair of shorties for any occasion.

Different shapes of shorties.

Brazilian briefs tend to have a wide fabric or lace band on the hips. They are not to be confused with shorts or boxers. Different models provide different amounts of coverage to your bottom.

Brazilian briefs: cover most of the hips and give a glimpse of the buttocks before covering over them. So they're higher cut on the bottom than classic briefs.

Shorties : They also cover the hips but unlike Brazilian briefs, they cover most of the bottom too just like classic briefs. The shape hugs the curves of the bottom whilst Brazilian briefs give a sense of continuity between the hip band and the fabric covering the bottom.

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Who are shorties for?

Shorties are great as they're comfortable and sexier than boxers. Who are these bottoms for?

They're ideal for ladies with slim hips.

The wide fabric or lace band on the hips draws attention to them and makes them look more curvaceous. If you want to make your hips curvier then shorties are for you. If you want to make your figure look curvier then go for Brazilian briefs that will make your bottom look fuller.

They're ideal for ladies with flat bottoms.

If you want to make your bottom look fuller then shorties are for you. First they make your hips look bigger as they draw attention to them then they sculpt the bottom to hone your figure. Brazilian briefs are also a great alternative to thongs which aren't ideal for ladies with small bottoms. You give a glimpse of your bottom whilst sculpting it with the fabric coverage.

Which shorties for what occasion?

Basic shorties: ideal everyday underwear whether in cotton or not, shorties are also the ultimate in comfort whilst working out. We love: microfibre shorties, usually thermobonded on the legs, as they're comfortable and like a second skin.

Lace shorties: Treat yourself to sophisticated lingerie and slip on some lace shorties for a sexy and sensual touch that will be your weapon of seduction.

What's the difference between shorties, tangas and boxers?

Boxers are unique in that they cover most of the hips, thighs and bottoms with no margin for subtlety compared to different types of shorties. Boxers don't showcase your bottom in any way. Compared to shorties, tangas provide less coverage for the hips and bottom.