Briefs may be a classic piece of underwear in any woman's wardrobe but that doesn't mean they are lacking in originality. They come in a variety of shapes and materials to suit any body shape and occasion.

Different types of briefs

Like other women's underwear, briefs come in different fits: high-cut, high-waist and hipster.

High-cut briefs: the high-cut model has a relatively thin band of fabric or lace on the hips. The briefs are cut fairly high at the top so the thighs are showcased in a triangle shape.

High-waist briefs: They can be high-cut on the legs and the classic version stands out for its wide band of fabric or lace on the waist and lower back.

Hipster briefs: They tend to be high-cut on the legs but not always. Hipster briefs differ from the normal or high-waist models as they have less fabric on the lower abdomen and the lower back.

Classic briefs: the classic model covers the entire bottom. It can be more or less high-cut on the legs and hips.