High-waist briefs

High-waist briefs are often wrongly associated with drab underwear. The different types of high-waist briefs now give wearers lots of original options.
The various models include sexy lingerie and quirky underwear that go against the "bloomers" reputation.

Different types of high-waist briefs

High-waist briefs haven't stopped evolving since appearing in the 1940s. The variety of cuts has increased over the years anda now there are countless options. What sets the models apart isn't just the fabric used to make them but also the height of the cut. High-waist briefs tend to cover the navel or come slightly below. All the models share good coverage on the bottom compared to hipster models.

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Who are high-waist briefs for?

Ladies with a little bit of a tummy: High-waist briefs are perfect for you. They cover the lower abdomen so they resculpt the stomach and streamline the figure. Unlike shapewear, the sculpting effect is subtle as it doesn't suck the figure in; it provides coverage not a corset. High-waist briefs are therefore far more comfortable than shapewear.

High-waist briefs aren't just for one body shape. But since they highlight the hips with their wide fabric band or lace sides, we don't recommend them for ladies with larger hips. Essentially, the wide fabric band draws attention to the hips.
On the other hand, if you have slimmer hips and you'd like to show them off then high-waist briefs could do the trick. High-waist models that cover the navel give the impression of more volume if you have a slim waist.

Which high-waist briefs for what occasion?

Lace high-waist briefs : high-waist briefs may provide more coverage than certain bottoms but that doesn't make them less sophisticated and a bit of lace and sheer details can really ramp up their sex appeal.
We love the feminine and glamorous vintage models so you can unleash your inner pin-up girl.

Classic high-waist briefs: Your go-to basics, wear your choice of microfibre model. Even without lace, high-waist briefs can be original and you'll find models with cut-out sides reminiscent of lace patterns.
Microfibre provides the ultimate in comfort and flat seams give your underwear the power of invisibility under your trousers.

Body or high-waist briefs?

If you want to sculpt your stomach then go for high-waist briefs that cover the navel. If you want to streamline your waist then the body is for you. Bodies in lace and with openwork details between the cups hold their own against sexier pieces.