Invisible Underwear

Now an essential part of our wardrobe, seamless underwear is invisible under clothing. Available in a choice of styles: thong; boyshort panties; low-rise panties and tanga briefs, seamless underwear is an absolute must under tight clothing.

Who can wear invisible underwear?

The advantage of seamless panties is that they do not mark the skin! Their elastic-free waist means they don’t press down on your skin. And equally seamless thighs mean Princess Tam.tam invisible panties cannot be seen even under the tightest of clothes. Therefore they are suited to all body shapes. Whether you’re very shapely with wide hips, plump buttocks, or, on the contrary, have a flat bottom and slim hips, seamless panties are made for you.

Princess tam.tam offers a choice of invisible panty styles. Made of expandable, strong fabrics such as stretchy microfibre, they’re extremely comfortable for everyday wear and ensure your underwear remains discreet under your trousers, shorts or leggings. In fact they’re so comfortable you’ll quickly forget you're wearing them at all and they leave a soft sensation on the skin.

All garments have seamless trims and inlays but with some differences in finish. Some seamless panties have a thermo bonded finish at the thighs, invisible under clothing. In our collection, you can also find totally invisible panties thanks to new cutting techniques. Laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting makes it possible to make panties with invisible inlays as the garments are designed in one single piece.

One-piece panties come in a range of colours, especially discreet colors that can be worn under pale-coloured clothing. For an invisible effect under a pretty, lightweight dress or white trousers, you should avoid black or bright-coloured underwear. That's why our collection is made up of pastel colors such as blush, pinkish white or mottled pink.

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Other invisible lingerie underwear

As well as invisible panties, we offer other styles of seamless lingerie underwear.

The invisible thong: Classic style, but invisible, thong. It has the advantages of the classic thong but won't leave any marks on the buttocks. Since it’s seamless, the invisible thong is even more discreet as it doesn’t draw attention to the waist.

This garment is better suited to those with wide hips and plump buttocks. For those with narrow hips and a flat bottom, the thong will tend to further soften your shape.

Invisible tanga briefs: Invisible tanga briefs cover a little more than the thong and enhance the natural curve of yours buttocks, but leave no marks on the skin. It’s ideal for those with plump buttocks.

Invisible boy shorts: Cover slightly more than panties, but invisible boy shorts show a glimpse of the buttocks. For women who have a less shapely figure, this style redraws the curves of the bottom giving an impression of roundness without marking the skin. This style will suit women with generous curves as it redefines the curves of the buttocks.

Invisible high-waist briefs: High-waist briefs can softly remodel your curves without hiding them. Ideal for women with a small tummy, invisible high-waist briefs cover the lower abdomen, without marking the waist. Your figure retains its natural shape even when wearing tight clothing.