Hipster briefs

Hipster briefs hold their own against sexier lingerie. They tend to be high-cut on the legs to reveal a little more skin. They also showcase the lower abdomen and top of your bottom.

Who are hipster briefs for?

Ladies whose hips are a little big: If you think your hips are a little too big then hipster briefs are for you! As long as you choose a model that isn't too high-cut on the sides. You won't draw attention to your waist as you won't cover it up.
If your hip bones stick out a bit then go for hipster briefs with a fabric or lace band on the hips to soften them.

Ladies with curvy hips: Hipster briefs also suit this body shape. Whilst high-waist briefs showcase curvy thighs, hipsters streamline the figure by exposing a little more tummy.

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Which hipster briefs for what occasion?

Lace briefs: There's nothing like great lingerie to sex up your look. Lace hipster briefs hold their own against thongs. The subtle sheer look of the lace against your skin will give you a sensual and sophisticated look.
For something different there are models with lace backs or fronts.

Hipster briefs in cotton or microfibre : in everyday underwear you can choose more basic or less lacy models. Microfibre models are the ultimate in comfort and ideal for working out as they adapt to every curve on your body.

Different hipster bottoms

Like briefs, there are all sorts of hipster bottoms. Hipster tangas with a high-cut bottom can easily be confused with thongs as the waist band is fairly thin. They don't showcase the waist so they suit ladies with larger hips.
If you have a round bottom then go for a model that doesn't cover much of it.

There are also hipster shorties but they're harder to find. They have a fairly wide fabric band on the sides and are best for slimmer hips as they add volume to your figure.