Princesse tam tam is more than a state of mind; it's inimitable expertise and style. The details, statement cuts, prints and fabrics always hit the mark. And don't our clients know it.
Personality and quality… These are the two ingredients that make our brand what it is. There's a good reason why you choose to visit a Princesse tam tam store
or browse the online shop. Because there's always a model that will suit you, no, that's perfect for you or how you feel right now, for great value for money.
Whether it be lingerie, "you know, the minimalist bra and sheer polka dot briefs…", sportswear, loungewear or swimwear for summer.
How do we do it? In our case, it goes like this:

The studio

Our models and prototypes are designed in the hive of creativity that is our Paris studio.
They're always tuned into the latest trends and positive vibes.
The manufacturers

The models are passed on to a network of approved partners who have been chosen
for their high standards, attention to detail and talent.
Delivered to you

The end product is inspected by hand and undergoes rigorous quality control checks. It's then handed over to our sales team
whose understanding of people and fits end the Princesse tam tam experience on a high.
The website keeps the experience alive, as online shoppers know and love.

Princesse tam tam lingerie in figures...
Our world-renowned lacemaker

Princesse tam tam works with the best brands to bring French heritage to life.
We've been working with Sophie Hallette since 1995, a brand that's been a darling among designers,
stylists and costume designers the world over since 1887.
our french laces