chapter 2
eco-friendly fabrics!
how fibers affect the planet
Cotton, linen, silk, modal, viscose, lyocell, wool, polyamide, polyester, elastane and more.
Whether they be natural, cellulose or synthetic, the fibres we choose have a significant impact on our planet
(production, water use, dye, transport etc.). It's time to take a stand!

- We work with the Canopy NGO, to ensure our supply chains
have zero impact on old-growth and endangered forests.

- Ever since 2018, Princesse tam tam has prioritised recycled, organic fibers from sustainable farms
(animal origin) and plant-based fibres grown in Europe.

- 100% of the main fabrics in our garments will be made from eco-friendly fibers
we use at the end of every season so we can improve in the future.

Discover the eco-friendly selection
At the end of each season, we assess
the actual volumes of responsible fibers
and conventional fibers used

in order to do better afterwards.
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