the cosy
Extra fine, extra warm
HEATTECH® technology will ensure we don't get cold this winter again.
HEATTECH® is back in brand new shapes and colours.
Extra fine, extra warm and extra fitted for even more comfort.
HEATTECH® is our best weapon in the fight against the cold!
The ultra-flat seamless trims make for
a second-skin feel. It's the ultimate in comfort! It's a real colour palette and new body shape. It's your best weapon in the fight against the cold!
extra warm
We've thought of every woman,
even ladies who really feel the cold.
Heattech extra warm looks just
as stylish and is 1.5 times warmer!
The HEATTECH® fine knit
for anti-freeze dancers.
Ultra-feminine neckline
with small ruffles.
It's extra warm and
extra comfortable.
It's the must-have for
keeping cosy inside and out!
Our Heattech® collection, designed with our favourite Japanese brand Uniqlo, is a line of stylish clothes that really keep you warm. No more layers of clothes!

A technological revolution which enables clothing to retain heat
Heattech® technology absorbs steam released by the body to create an insulating effect. When water molecules produced by the human body evaporate from the skin, they move very quickly and are absorbend by the Heattech® fabric. They are then stored in the highly absorbent viscose fibres.

Thinner but warmer
To retain body heat, it is vital to stop heat produced by the skin from escaping. Heattech® fabric is made of acrylic microfibre measuring approximately 1/10th of a human hair and the air pockets within these fibres help retain heat. Heat trapped by the viscose is then stored within the fabric.

Heattech®, infused with argan oil for a softer touch
This natural oil is famous for its hydrating qualities. Argan oil is kind to the skin and infused in the fabric for an even softer touch.