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Worldwide research centres and organisations are striving
to find out how microplastics affect the environment.
So far they have determined that washing items whose fabric contains synthetic fibres
is what releases microscopic fibres in waste water.

They cause microplastic pollution in the oceans and other natural environments.

Princesse tam tam and Fast Retailing realise how big an issue microplastics are
and that it can't be solved by one company alone so they are actively
involved in industry and inter-industry projects.
For example, we're part of T.M.C « The Microfibre Consortium »,
a fashion industry campaign to reduce fibre fragmentation.
We realise how important it is to combat the environmental impact
of fibre-based microplastics to minimise microfiber release.

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We shall begin by getting to grips with the effects by analysing the volume of microfibers
from clothes laundering by reviewing these results
and coming up with counter-measures.

We work and shall continue to work
with strategic manufacturing partners to make our fabrics
so we can monitor the impact of microplastics
and promote innovative solutions.
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