Half-cup / balcony bras

There are two types of very similar balcony bras: the classic balcony and the half-cup bra which both only cover some of the bust. Their low-cut cups and straps attached to the cup sides give a nice shape and deep cleavage.

The half-cup/balcony bra

Alongside push-up bras, balcony bras are among the boldest designs. They unleash your inner temptress to reveal the top of the bust and lift the chest for glamorous results. The balcony bra comes in classic and half-cup shapes.

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The half-cup/balcony bra: amazing cleavage

Balcony and half-cup bras reveal the top of the bust so they sculpt the chest and boost cleavage. Straps are fitted to the sides to showcase your assets. The classic balcony bra is like a sculpting push-up model as it lifts the breasts and some models redefine the bust. Most designs have a vertical stitch in between the cups to give your chest curves.
The half-cup bra creates a round cleavage that can be enhanced by underwire to support and sculpt the bust. It tends to cover less of the chest than the classic model. The half-cup bra is cut more horizontally than the classic model for less of a plunge effect.

Who are half-cup and balcony bras for?

They provide different types of support. Classic balcony bras are better for medium sizes as they are less supportive. Large sizes should go for half-cup bras which provide more support.

How to choose your half-cup or balcony bra?

"My chest size is medium"

We recommend a balcony bra. If you want a bit of a boost, go for a padded or push-up model. You could enhance your cleavage with a smaller centre panel.

"My chest size is large"

You don’t need a push-up or padded model as the cut and shape of the bra will naturally give you the cleavage you want. There are soft models available but go for an underwire bra if you want more support.

What to wear with your half-cup or balcony bra?

The half-cup bra’s natural cleavage booster is ideal for V-neck tops. The deep shape of a balcony bra and its scoop cups only cover half the bust so they showcase your assets in deep square necklines.