Triangle bras

The triangle bra is one of the most comfortable models and the star of Princesse tam.tam’s bras. Its classic shape is instantly recognisable: the straps are part of the centre panel at the front meaning they cover the bust entirely without hiding your cleavage. The triangle bra is glamorous and creates a lovely V-shape cleavage.

The triangle bra

The triangle bra is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable models to wear. It perfectly hugs the shape of your chest and moulds to fit your bust to create natural curves. Available in soft and underwire models.


The triangle bra: a natural look

The shape of this bra hugs the curves of your bust and supports your chest without affecting its shape. The result is a lovely natural look. Let’s sort this out once and for all: triangle bras are as sexy as bold push-ups! They create a lovely V-shape cleavage. Go for a lace blend to play on sheer details and make it your go-to glam underwear. Another advantage is how comfortable and light they are.

Who are triangle bras for?

Soft triangle bras provide enough support for small and medium chest sizes because their shape wraps around the bust. The straps being part of the top of the cup means better support. Underwire models are also suitable for larger chest sizes.

How to choose your triangle bra?

"My chest size is medium", "my chest size is small"

Soft triangle bras are made for you. You can opt for an underwire model but you have an advantage over larger chest sizes: comfort. You won’t even realise you’re wearing one!

"My chest size is large"

You should go for an underwire model if you have a large chest size. It will provide the ultimate in support as it lifts and wraps around your chest. Opt for one with fairly wide straps.

What to wear with your triangle bra?

It’s light so it’s perfect for summer outfits as it doesn’t keep you warm or stick to your skin. It creates cleavage so you can wear it with a V-neck top or drop armholes. You can also soften a smart shirt with a hint of delicate lace. Avoid wearing a triangle top with tight tops.