Choosing Your Bikini Bottoms

At the pool, spa or on holiday topping up your tan at the beach, the bikini is the ultimate swimwear.
The iconic bikini was a game-changer as it exposed the tummy button and has now become a go-to for summer holidays. But among the variety of briefs and shorts, which bikini bottoms do you choose to suit your shape?

Bikini briefs

High-cut bikini bottoms

High-cut bikini bottoms streamline the silhouette by giving you longer legs and softly hugging your curves. They are ideal for wearing at the beach or on cruise ships if your hips aren’t too narrow or wide otherwise they may draw attention to the hip bones if they’re too slim or to your waist if you have large hips.

If you have a round bottom, show it off in high-cut bikini bottoms with Brazilian briefs or a thong. If you have a flatter bottom, models offering full coverage are ideal for your shape.
The sculpting effect will make your bottom shapelier.

For tanning sessions, the high-cut bikini bottoms with side ties are perfect for getting an all-over glow. The more revealing model is even better. However, for swimming or aqua aerobics sessions, go for classic high-cut bottoms without side ties for better support and more freedom to move. Ideal for beach volleyball matches on the sand.
The model with side ties is also ideal for swimming in calm water as well as basking in the sunshine.

Hipster bikini briefs

Hipster bikini bottoms are ideal if you have slim hips as they don’t bring out your waist but they showcase your cleavage. They’re also great for ladies who are worried about their hips being too slim.
You can enjoy wearing low-cut scoop models without the disadvantages they could have on your slim figure. The waist is slightly more on show and detracts attention from the hips. Here’s a tip to make your waistline look fuller: choose a model with fun details like frills or bows to give a feeling of volume.

If you have a round bottom, go for a slightly more revealing model like a high-cut bikini. If you have a flat bottom then use fun details to create a fuller figure.
Don’t be scared of wearing patterned hipster bottoms. Prints not only add a touch of fun but also make your figure look fuller.

Hipster bikini bottoms are your BFFs when it comes to tanning on your sun lounger. They give slightly more hip coverage than high-cut briefs but are still just a subtle and don’t let tan lines show.

High-waisted bikini briefs

Do you want to cover up your tum? The high-waisted bikini is for you. It will detract attention from your flaws in a natural way and smoothly enhance your shape.
High-waisted bikini briefs are ideal for ladies who are confident in their skin and want to show off their feminine figure. If that’s how you feel then go for a colourful model or be bold and original with a patterned piece.

The high-waisted bikini isn’t just for ladies with a little tummy. It suits almost any shape. If your waist is a little too slim then high-waisted briefs will make it more of a feature and make your figure curvier.
We don’t advise this shape if you have a flat bottom.

We love the retro feel reminiscent of 50s pin-up girls posing elegantly on diving boards. We also love the fresh spins on high-waisted bikinis such as pieces that can be rolled up so you can match the shape to your mood and adjust the height for a unique look.

Bikini shorts

Bikini shorts are best for those who want to minimise their lower halves and streamline their hips. They will also minimise the appearance of hip bones for ladies with slim hips.

They’re also great for flat bottoms as bikini shorts vamp up the figure and create the illusion of a rounder bottom, especially if you choose a model with stylish little details.
If you have a round or plump bottom, bikini shorts with a scoop bottom will show off your assets with flair.

They are ideal for swimming as they provide good support and freedom to move. They’re the perfect bottoms for ladies who want to get sporty.
They’re also great for relaxing if you just want to soak up the atmosphere on your beach towel.