Choosing Your Bikini Top

Whether you want to chill out on a deckchair by the pool or on a cruise ship, swim a few laps or unwind on a heavenly beach, the bikini is the ultimate in swimwear.
Once you’ve picked your bottoms, you need to choose your bikini top. How do you choose from a push-up, triangle or strapless top with or without support?

Push-up bikini top

The push-up bikini top is more than just the top weapon of seduction on the beach! Its specific shape gives your cleavage a boost and sculpts your chest.
It draws your breasts together to give a firm feeling and look but is still comfortable.
There’s a wide range of push-up tops to choose from including triangle push-ups and strapless push-up tops.

Who is a push-up bikini top for?

The push-up bikini top suits all chest sizes. People often get confused between padded and push-up tops. If you have a large chest then the classic push-up is perfect for you.
If you have a medium or small chest, you could go for a classic shape but there’s nothing stopping you going for the super push-up bikini top. A padded push-up bikini top can boost your confidence if you’re worried about your chest size.
The push-up’s shape subtly incorporates padding and gives your chest a soft boost to create a natural look.

• Strapless push-up top

Usually this push-up bikini top isn’t right for support, especially for ladies with large assets. Even if the support is more than adequate, it’s not ideal for swimming or beach volleyball.
However, it is the perfect top for chilling out by the pool. A strapless push-up bra is for smaller chest sizes.

• Triangle push-up top

With its wrap-around shape and straps built into the top of the cup, the triangle push-up bikini top is suitable for small and large chest sizes alike. The underwired models are best for larger chest sizes.

Triangle bikini top

The triangle bikini top is a joy to wear with its reassuring wraparound shape. It perfectly hugs your curves and provides the ultimate in support.
It’s the perfect bikini if you can’t decide between sporty holidays and seaside tanning. There are very low-cut pieces that showcase your cleavage to keep tan lines to a minimum.
If you just want to bask in the sunshine, go for a low-cut model with skinny halterneck straps. If you’re going to be doing sports or have a large chest size and want more support, go for a crossback model or an underwired one.

Who is a triangle bikini top for?

Triangle bikini tops are ideal for larger and smaller chest sizes alike. If you have a large chest size then opt for an underwired model with stylish straps.
If you have a medium or small chest then you can wear a model without underwire.

Strapless bikini top

The strapless bikini top oozes femininity and glamour and is a joy to wear, especially if you want to bask in the sun. There are revealing models with central rings to show off a little more skin and give you an almost all-over tan. It isn’t great for swimming as you may reveal more than you want to every time you hit a wave. It’s fine for a swim in calm water. You can add removable straps to a strapless bikini top for better support.

Who is a strapless bikini top for?

You don’t choose this top for its support and it isn’t recommended for ladies with large assets. It’s suitable for medium chest sizes and you can choose a model with removable straps to suit your activity.
It’s the perfect top for small chest sizes. Choose an underwired top for better support. Underwire sculpts the cleavage for smaller chest sizes.