Invisible bras

How do you show off your figure in a low-cut halterneck dress or a tight outfit without your lingerie showing too much? Princesse tam.tam brings you a selection of invisible bras. Invisible bras are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and hug your curves for an ultra-feminine look. They don't show at all under your clothing and give you a bold cleavage without you even knowing you're wearing a bra.

They tend to be made of microfibre which is famous for its many assets and removes visible pleats or marks caused by straps that are a little too obvious. This very delicate synthetic fabric has elastic properties that make it lightweight and supportive without being tight on your skin. They're also great as they come in lots of shapes: invisible strapless, full cup and even push-up bras to suit any shape and chest size.

Different invisible bra models

Transparent bras and invisible bras shouldn't be confused. The former tends to be made of transparent lace and shows seam marks. The latter doesn't show at all under clothing but won't be invisible if your outfit is low-cut.
For a transparent look, go for a model that matches your skin tone.

You could go for a pretty piece of feminine lace underwear to match your summer outfits like a low-cut top, one-shoulder top or oversize top but if you want to go for transparency then pick an invisible strapless bra.
Strapless and flat seams are the perfect combo for a bra you'll forget you're wearing.

Choose a bra with invisible straps or a strapless bra to wear with a halterneck dress. Strapless bras are perfect for summer: they stop you getting tan lines. The former suit medium and small chest sizes but if you have a large chest then go for a model with wider transparent straps so as not to mark the skin.