Large cup size bras

If you have a large chest then it can be tricky to find a suitable bra that provides comfort and support. That's why some of the collections by Princesse tam.tam feature large cup size bras up to an F cup. How do you choose from the many shapes and necklines? Check out our expert advice and choose your bra or bikini top.

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Choosing the right bra model for large chests

Having an ample cleavage can be a weapon of seduction for some but it does require the ultimate in support to avoid the back ache caused by big bosoms. There are several things to think about when choosing a bra to suit larger sizes: bra shape and support type. You'll find bra shapes including full cup, balconette, half-cup, triangle and strapless models. In terms of bra types, the choice of underwire or soft bras should guide your choice.

Underwired bras are recommended for improved support for large chest sizes. The underwire adapts to the curves of your chest to provide improved balance by spreading the weight and therefore the strain.

Choosing the right bra shape for large chests

The ideal model for big bosoms is the full cup bra. The shape covers the chest to provide better support. Your assets may be slightly more covered up than with other bra models but some have designs to rival sexier bras.

The balconette bra also provides excellent support. It differs from the full cup bra as it has a half-cup look. It's halfway between a full cup and a half-cup. Half of your cleavage is unveiled but you still get the wrap-around feel that provides a sense of security.

The half-cup bra unveils more of the top of your chest to showcase its curves. It provides good support to large chests and creates great uplift.

The triangle bra tends to be soft and suitable for medium chest sizes up to a D cup. If you are bigger than a D cup then the best advice is to choose a large underwired triangle bra for better support. The best thing is to go for an underwired model with long arms paired with high cups at the front of the bra for the ultimate in support.

Strapless bras can also suit large chest sizes. Underwired models provide excellent support whilst the underbust band is also supportive and adds a glamorous touch of seduction.

Strapless bras are suitable for medium chest sizes: up to a D cup or size 4. Any larger and you won't get enough support. If you're still not sure about treating yourself to a nice strapless number then there are models with removable straps. That way you can't go wrong.

No matter the bra shape, the best thing is to get a model with wide straps. Wide straps provide greater comfort and spread the weight evenly on the shoulders so as not to "cut" into the skin.

A few tips to wear your large chest size bra properly

There are a few rules to follow for the ultimate support. When trying it on, check that the bridge is flat against the chest. If it isn't then that means the cup isn't deep enough. If the back rides up then the chest will drop forward and you won't get great support. Adjusting the hooks and straps will give you a perfectly parallel back.

Choosing a large chest size bikini top

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Large chest size bikini tops

There's a common misconception that ladies with large assets should avoid bikinis. Nowadays shapes and materials provide very good chest support. You'll find bikini tops with or without straps that are perfectly designed for large chest sizes.

If support is your priority then go for an underwired model with wide straps. You'll find pieces with very glamorous necklines among the models.

If topping up your tan is your priority then treat yourself to a lovely strapless number. Our large chest size strapless bikini tops are available with removable straps. Ideal for tanning and relaxing by the pool.

Large chest size swimsuits

If chest support is your priority, go for an underwired full cup model with wide straps. This kind of swimwear provides real freedom of movement ideal for swimming lengths.

Go for a swimsuit with removable straps so you can unleash your inner pin-up girl as you soak up the sun. If you're looking for a plunge neckline then the V-neck models are made for you.