Soft bras

Famously comfortable soft bras provide light and natural support. Showcase your cleavage without the props. They tend to come in triangle shapes and are supposedly just for small chest sizes but current models are more than suitable for larger chests.

Soft bras: for small chest sizes.

If you usually wear cup size A or B then soft bras are perfect for you. The bra straps tend to be skinny so they don't give much support but do give you a lovely plunge cleavage. You forget you're even wearing soft bras but you get subtle support and a natural shape enhanced by the "under-cup" dart on certain models. They can also be discreet and don't make their presence felt on the skin or under tight clothing. They're a great alternative to flat-seamed options.

An asset for small chest sizes that some models aren't always advised for: soft triangle bras hold their own against more enhancing and sexier bras like push-up models.
Princesse tam.tam brings you pretty lace models whose sheer details give a subtle glimpse of skin for a seductive feel.

If you like the effect created by push-ups then there are soft moulded bras with featherweight built-in padding to give you the ultimate in comfort. Guaranteed light push-up effect! Ideal for cup size B and up.
However, these models are usually more classic and more discreet with no lace.

Soft bras: for medium chest sizes.

Soft bras have a reputation for not providing much support. Although they're not recommended for large chest sizes, they're not out of bounds if you have a medium chest size. Some models are designed to suit chests up to a D cup.

Some models are better with improved support but without losing the comfort of soft bras. If your cup size is C or D (size 4) then go for models with wide straps.
They're better for spreading the weight of the cleavage on the shoulders so you don't have the "cutting" effect of skinny straps on the skin.

Other tips for larger chest sizes: wide peplums. This part around the cups to keep them together is underneath them. Wide peplums are made up of a large fabric band providing more support than bras that don't have it.
They don't replace underwiring whose round shape hugs the cleavage to perfection. But the sense of support they provide can make ladies feel more comfortable. Whether they have a small or medium chest size.
Soft bras with a wide peplum are a good alternative for ladies who want more comfort with minimum support.