Choose your sports swimwear

Whether an occasional or regular swimmer, you can find the perfect swimwear! Elegant swimsuits designed for all swimmers. Discover the women's sports swimwear collection by Princesse tam.tam. Choose from one-piece or two-piece swimwear to suit your mood.

The best sports swimwear for occasional swimmers

Are you thinking of taking up swimming again? Then you can opt for the two-piece sports swimsuit. Out with the bikini in favour of a swimsuit with bottom and soft cup bra with crossover straps at the back, providing maximum support whatever swim stroke you choose. Also opt for a style with a high-cut neckline; the opposite will not give enough support. Avoid the two-piece bikini or high leg bottom which may feel uncomfortable while swimming.

Swimsuits with a slight sculpting effect always look better. Two-piece swimsuits with high-waisted bottoms will give your figure a good shape with a slight figure-hugging effect, provided you choose a suitable fabric such as Lycra Sport.

This type of swimsuit is fine as long as you’re not looking to reach a high level of performance. That said, it won’t prevent you from displaying your stamina. But since the fabric won't fully cover your bust, the water won’t “glide” as it would with a one-piece swimsuit.

Swimsuits for regular swimmers

Are you feeling motivated and regularly doing lengths at the swimming baths? If so, the one-piece sports swimsuit is the one for you. Also known as athletic swimwear, this swimsuit provides excellent support and gives you more freedom of movement than the 2-piece swimsuit. Since it covers the skin on the tummy and back, and if the correct fabric is used, this swimsuit will help improve your performance. It does so by creating a "gliding" effect of the water over the fabric.

We also like the shape of the sports swimsuit, because by covering the entire back and bust, it allows you to feel fully supported.

Just like two-piece swimsuits, it’s best to avoid swimsuits with low-cut necklines so as not to have to worry about being supported while swimming and to enjoy more freedom of movement. Breaststroke, freestyle, front crawl, or backstroke, you won’t have to worry about losing your top when wearing the sports swimsuit.

Discover the sports swimwear collection from Princess tam.tam

Whether you're an occasional or more assiduous swimmer, Princess tam.tam offers a range of sports swimwear in modern, trendy designs that can help your sporting performance. Our sports swimwear range designed with Lycra sport, an innovative trademark technology, will become a must-have for your training sessions. Lycra fabric helps structure your silhouette thanks to a slight shaping effect. The other advantage of this fabric is that it dries quickly.

Available in two-piece or one-piece styles, Princesse tam.tam sports swimsuits offer maximum support thanks to the high-cut neckline of the bra. Straps are designed to be tied or crossed at the back depending on the model and, along with the wide band located under the bust, offer optimal support. This design will be comfortable for ladies with larger busts.