Choosing Your One-Piece

Whether you want to chill on the beach, do a few laps in the pool or unwind on a cruise ship, the one-piece swimsuit is your go-to.
You’ll find the right one for you among our strapless, high-neck, triangle and sophisticated swimsuits.

The one-piece swimsuit was originally designed especially for swimming but has now become a swimwear classic.
What’s great about it is that it suits all body shapes: it streamlines the figure, hugs curves and elongates legs.

High-neck swimsuit

The high-neck swimsuit is the ultimate in swimwear and a pool classic. It was originally designed for swimming with a high-neck and wide straps but is now available with a low neckline.
Straps come in skinny and wide versions and some pieces showcase the back with a bold cut-out. We love the glam details: criss-cross laces on the cleavage create an original feminine feel.

The trendy swimsuit provides the ultimate in comfort due to its freedom of movement. Its great support and fit make it an all-round swimsuit.
It is suitable for all chest sizes and activities: swimming, surfing, aqua aerobics.

How to choose one?

Large chest sizes: go for a swimsuit with underbust stitching and wide straps for better support. Small to medium chest sizes: there are no limits so go for more sophisticated and elaborate pieces.

In terms of usage, the classic models are best for swimming so you have the best support and freedom to move in the water. High-neck swimsuits with a scoop bottom are ideal for the seaside.

How about tanning? The bikini or two-piece is of course better but if you want a one-piece then go for a low-cut halterneck swimsuit with skinny straps.
You will get tan lines but that’s OK if your holiday isn’t all about coming home with a glow. You’ll still have a good tan on the exposed parts of your body when you get back from your break.

Strapless swimsuit

Alongside the bikini, the strapless swimsuit is the ultimate in glamorous swimwear for tanning on the beach. The classic version is straight which brings to mind retro swimwear and adds a vintage feel.

Support hasn’t been forgotten: a self-adhesive strap is usually incorporated in the bust for good support. Some pieces feature a pair of removable “halterneck” straps for the best support.
This swimsuit isn’t as good for getting sporty as a classic one-piece but it’s great to cool down during dips between beach games.

How to choose one?

Large chest sizes: go for removable straps or else you may have to be constantly pulling the chest part back up. Small to medium chest sizes: go for an anti-slip strip for adequate support.

In terms of usage, the strapless swimsuit is great for swimming in calm water but it’s not ideal for sportier swims although you can of course wear it this summer with a removable halterneck strap.
As for tanning, the cleavage makes it OK if getting a holiday glow isn’t your main aim. Otherwise, go for a bikini.

Triangle and cleavage swimsuit

The triangle swimsuit should be in your suitcase: alongside the strapless swimsuit, it’s the perfect piece for relaxing by the water and comes in a range of models: wide or skinny straps with a tie neck or back, crossover back and support depending on the garment. It is not recommended for serious swimming sessions.

How to choose one?

Large chest sizes: we’d say the underwired triangle swimsuit with wide straps for better support. Some models have invisible “seam-free” underwire.
Others have a wide elasticated underbust. Small to medium chest sizes: go for halterneck swimsuits.

It is perfect for leisurely laps and amateur swimming sessions. It provides good cleavage for tanning so go for a halterneck with skinny straps.