Underwired bras

Underwired bras are designed to provide the ultimate in support and come in a range of models to suit any shape: small, medium and large chest sizes. But there's an underwired bra for every chest size.

Underwired bras for large chest sizes.

If you have a large cup size, the underwired bra is your go-to. Underwiring enables you to spread the weight and tension on the sides and wings of the bra for improved balance.
Some underwired bras are better than others for unrivalled support:

Underwired full cup bras. They are specially designed for the largest cup sizes. Their shape covers most of the chest with cups that reach the top of the breasts. The underwiring supports the underbust which provides excellent support.
These bra models show a little less cleavage than underwired half cup bras.

Underwired half cup bras provide comfortable support for large chests. The shape of the underwire supports the entire breast paired with fabric that covers and holds the entire chest.
It doesn't mean your cleavage is less sexy as the almost horizontal cut sculpts the breasts to form a lovely buxom bosom. It's the perfect compromise between getting support and great cleavage for large chests.

Underwired triangle bras. Triangle bras tend not to be underwired and are known for not providing much support. But some models are underwired so they provide improved support.
If you're looking for better support then go for an underwired model whose cups provide fairly good coverage and replace the straps on the front of the bra.

Underwired bras for medium chest sizes.

The models recommended for large chest sizes will suit you too but underwired bras aren't an absolute must for medium chest sizes. It's all about preference and sensitivity. If you're looking for good support then go for an underwired balconette bra. The fabric or lace only covers part of the chest and its small underwiring doesn't hug the entire breast. It doesn't provide the ultimate in support at the front.
But for small and medium chest sizes, it provides enough support to lift and push breasts together to create a great cleavage.

Underwired bras for small chest sizes.

Support isn't a priority for small chest sizes. So you can go for underwired push-up bras, underwired balconette bras and underwired strapless bras. Going strapless means your cleavage doesn't get much support but that's not essential for small chest sizes as your bosom isn't too heavy. Underwiring provides support to the underbust and creates a nice shape. We recommend models with removable straps for medium chest sizes if you feel the need so you can improve support to your chest.