How to take care of your Nightwear and Loungewear clothes?

Your clothes are all fabulous and new so let's make sure they stay that way with our care advice for each fabric.

How to wash wool clothing?

Use a special gentle wool product and shampoo. Only use a few drops. Wash clothing quickly with your fingertips in warm water (30°) without rubbing. Gently rinse several times and squeeze. Add a few drops of white spirit during the final rinse.
Never wring out wool clothing. Do not twist. To dry wool clothing, put it on a soft towel, cover with another soft towel and press down gently to soak the towels. You can also dry it by rolling it in a dry towel. Dry flat outdoors.

How to wash viscose clothing?

Viscose can look like silk, cotton or wool. It can be matt or shiny depending on its coating. Viscose is absorbent but does crumple so wash at 30°-40° on a delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry. You can iron viscose clothing on the silk and damp setting.

How to wash silk clothing?

Silk is a premium and delicate material. A tiny mark usually leaves a big stain.
Strong sunlight can discolour silk.
Never spray perfume directly onto silk.
Do not soak silk before washing. Delicate wash in lots of water at up to 30°C. Do not squeeze, crease or rub whilst washing. For machine washable silks, use the silk programme with a special shampoo for silk or delicate fabric. Do not use stain remover. Do not dry in sunlight. Do not wring. After washing, dry the clothing in a soft towel then hang it on a hanger.
Pure silk dries very quickly and should be ironed whilst damp. Raw silk should be ironed inside out until dry. Always choose the lowest setting and do not use steam when ironing. Put woven silk items on a hanger for a few minutes before ironing. Reshape knitwear by delicately stretching it then dry flat.

How to wash a cashmere jumper?

Specialists will tell you that cashmere loves water!
Wash cashmere inside out on the wool setting and a short cycle up to 30°C. Dry cashmere flat to avoid it getting out of shape without twisting it.
Place a tea towel on top and iron your cashmere.

How to avoid bobbles?

Bobbles appear on garments whose fibres clump together due to repeated rubbing.
To avoid bobbling, we recommend using washing liquid and choosing a delicate cycle with a gentle spin-dry. You can also put clothing in a pillowcase before washing. Use a sweater comb to delicately remove bobbles should they appear.

Clothes care checklist

To keep your Nightwear and Loungewear clothing for longer:
• Check and follow care instructions on the label.
• Machine wash at up to 30°C.
• Wash inside out with similar colours.
• Do not use bleach.
• Avoid leaving to soak, do not twist.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not tumble dry.
• Iron on a low setting inside out. • If items are made of delicate fabrics such as silk and the label says "delicate", we recommend washing them by hand with wool and silk shampoo.