How to take care of your swimwear?

As you already know, if you take care of your swimwear you'll have it for longer! So how do you keep your swimwear in perfect condition and enjoy it in years to come?

Take care of swimwear whilst bathing

Watch where you sit e.g. avoid rocks or sunloungers as you may damage the fibres in your new bikini!
Consider sitting on a sarong or towel so your swimwear doesn't touch anything that could catch the fibres and damage the fabric.

Take care of swimwear after bathing

Avoid contact with sun lotion or cream which may weaken the elastic.
Don't leave swimwear wet and in a ball as colours may transfer indefinitely.
After swimming in salt water or chlorine in the pool, rinse swimwear in clean water if possible.
Dry swimwear stretched out and in the shade. If you don't have time to dry it at the beach or pool, put it back in its bag (as long as it's plain) and dry it in the open air quickly.

Take care of swimwear at home

Wash your swimwear in clean, warm water in a little Savon de Marseille (or shampoo if you're on holiday and don't have washing powder to hand) when you get back from the beach or pool. Do not rub or wring.
"Hand wash" products: ensure you mix the product thoroughly in water before using it on your swimwear.
Do not leave swimwear to soak in detergents, do not twist whilst drying, do not iron so as not to burn the fibres, do not dry clean, do not bleach and do not use any product that may affect elasticity and colour.
Dry swimwear in the shade in the open air.

Take care of swimwear after prolonged use

The holidays are over (sniff!) and your swimwear deserves a bit of TLC to get it ready for your next adventure:
• Machine wash at 30°C on a moderate cycle (check the label first).
• Wash the top and bottoms together so they age at the same rate. Wash inside out in a wash bag with a suitable product.
• Dry your swimwear in the open air (never in the tumble dryer) before storing in its bag away from sunlight.
See you soon swimwear!

Swimwear care checklist

To keep your swimwear for longer:
• Do not leave to soak.
• Do not dry clean.
• Do not use chemical products.
• Do not iron.
• Avoid leaving it in a ball and wet.
• Avoid any contact with suncreams that may damage elasticated parts.
• Rinse in clean water after every use.
• Wash by hand in warm soapy water without rubbing or twisting for best results.
• Dry flat away from direct heat sources.
Please note:Princesse tam.tam cannot be held responsible for colour fading caused by a heavy concentration of chlorine.
Our swimwear is not guaranteed for snags and scratches from rough surfaces.