High-cut briefs

High-cut briefs aren't a type of underwear in the strict sense of the term. There are high-waist or hipster briefs that are cut higher or lower on the bottom and leg. High-cut briefs reveal a little skin to give you sexy sophistication.

Different types of high-cut briefs

High-waist high-cut briefs : depending on the cut, you'll find vintage 50s-style models as well as higher cut underwear reminiscent of the 80s/90s.

Hipster high-cut briefs: This fashion-forward fit mainly appears in bikini bottoms. Hipster high-cut briefs appear in your sexier lingerie drawer.

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Who are high-cut briefs for?

It all depends on the type of briefs and where the cut comes: on the thighs, hips or bottom.

High-waist high-cut briefs

The ultimate vintage lingerie! When the briefs are high-cut on the hips and bottom, high-waist high-cut briefs give you an ultra-glam pin-up look. When the briefs are high-cut on the hips and bottom but most importantly on the thighs, they bring to mind underwear from the 80s and early 90s.

High-cut hips and the height of the briefs elongate the legs. But if you have larger thighs then you may draw more attention to them.

The high-waist tends to highlight the waist whilst the high-cut hips tend to soften them. If you have larger hips then high-waist high-cut briefs will draw more attention to your curves, especially if you have a small waist.
If you have slimmer hips then high-waist high-cut briefs will remove your curves, especially if you have a fairly wide waist. So make sure you choose a relatively balanced high-waist model to suit your hips.

Hipster high-cut briefs

They hold their own against sexier bottoms like thongs, tangas and Brazilian briefs... If you have a round bottom then show it off in briefs that are high-cut on the buttocks.

Which high-cut briefs for what occasion?

Lace high-cut briefs: The ultimate in "seductive" underwear. The high-waist version brings vintage models to mind and gives you a pin-up look. The hipster version is your weapon of seduction.

Basic high-cut briefs: Wear anytime in microfibre or lace, these basics are as comfortable as classic briefs.

High-cut or classic briefs?

There isn't just one type of high-cut briefs. Different models expose more or less skin on the bottom, hips and thighs. But when briefs provide more coverage to your bottom there's a sense of "reassurance" and serious comfort.
Here are some rules to follow to help you choose the right model:

high-cut sides soften hips.
high-cut front elongates legs.
high-cut buttocks give you a fuller bottom.