chapter 5
eco shops !
lots happening in store
Over 95% of the electricity used by our shops is offset
by the introduction of renewable electricity in the national grid.

2021 saw us acquire a tool to track energy use in our shops,
select the best energy-saving investments and help our colleagues do their bit
for the environment on a day-to-day basis.

How about you?
Well, we've got rid of the famous hygiene try-on stickers in the changing rooms:
less adhesive, less chemicals and less waste!

Our packaging, envelopes and gift boxes are all
FSC-certified, so they only use pulp from sustainably managed forests.
We've even replaced the plastic packaging on HEATTECH® products with FSC paper.

How about at the counter? Plastic bags are out!
Paper (made of 100% FSC paper with 40% from recycled sources) or fabric bags (we bring you a fabric bag
once every season for you to wear your way) are in!
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