chapter 7
the moral of the story :
you + us!
Princesse tam tam's values
PEOPLE & SOCIETY. People, our community.
It's you and us, the people who work with us or connect with us, directly or indirectly.
A good relationship is worth taking care of!

Our brand has history and personality. Princesse tam tam is a brand that's alive and kicking!
When you work at Princesse tam tam, You get a positive, bold and dynamic state of mind.
You help a brand to blossom with its engaging personality and focus on women's wellbeing.
You work in a high-octane and kind workplace where every single employee can thrive.

With this in mind, we have always worked hard to depict women as they truly are:
all with different body shapes and dreams. There's no such thing as standard beauty!
Since spring-summer 2018, we haven't retouched any one of our photos: every body is perfect as it is.
We never know what life will throw at us so we've designed
a range of bras to support women affected by breast cancer.

Princesse tam tam puts its all into its customer service
and tam tam club loyalty programme every single day.
So you feel good with us!

The proof in images and testimonials?
Check out#princessetamtamandme, for photo shoots
celebrating our customers and their bodies!
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