chapter 6
bringing your products
to life again and again!
prévention and management
It's not just manufacturing that affects the planet...everyday use and care do too.
The ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency),
says that wear and care accounts for up to
40% of the carbon footprint for a pair of jeans.

That's why we provide advice to take care of your products and make them last longer.

So do you throw them out after? Not if you can help it!
Let's do the right thing: Repair - Reuse - Recycle

Magic fingers at the tam tam studio repair your favourite lingerie for free
to make it last longer so you can reuse it.

Give your unwanted clothes a new lease of life and recycle them.
How ?
1/ Drop off your unwanted clothes in-store.
They must be clean and in good condition.
2/ Princesse tam tam donates them to charities who give them
to people in need or recycle them.

What else ?
Princesse tam tam is part of Re-Fashion, an eco-friendly organisation in charge of handling
end-of-life products for hundreds of companies.

We review seconds every season to learn from them for future collections.
You have to learn from your mistakes in a sustainable world! The seconds are collected by
Le Relais in Burgundy where they are sorted, upcycled and even recycled.
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