Clothes size guide

To start with, measure yourself

Measure yourself using a tape measure and don't pull too tight. Ask someone to do it for you so it's more accurate.

Chest size

Waist size

Hip size

Use the automatic calculator below or see the size grid below to find out your clothes size.

Clothes size guide

Measure your chest, waist and hips as previously mentioned and use the grids to find out your size.

Calculate your top size:

If your chest size is between...

78-82 cm 82-86 cm 86-90 cm 90-94 cm 94-98 cm 98-102 cm

...and your waist size is between...

58-62 cm 62-66 cm 66-70 cm 70-74 cm 74-78 cm 78-82 cm

...then your top size is:

Click on your size to browse your selection of tops!

Your chest size is 89 cm and your waist size is 69 cm.
Your top size is 36 or M.

Calculate your bottom size:

Your hips measure...

84-88 cm 88-92 cm 92-96 cm 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-108 cm

Click your size to discover your bottoms selection!

The fullest part of your hips is 95 cm.
Your bottom size is 36 or M. If you're between sizes, we recommend you take the next size up for greater comfort.

International clothes size guide

Do you want to check your size in t-shirts, jackets, long-sleeve tops and jumpers? Do you want to make sure you get the right size of trousers, shorts and leggings if you're used to French or UK sizes? Open the table below to check your size.

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French sizes European sizes UK sizes
French sizes European sizes UK sizes
You're a French size 38 / Taille 2, your European size is 36 / M and your UK size is 10 / M.