Swimwear size guide

To start with, measure yourself

Measure yourself using a tape measure and don't pull too tight. Ask someone to do it for you so it's more accurate.

For bikini bottoms and swimsuits:

Measure your hip size at the widest point.​


For bikini tops and Feel Good swimsuits:

1. Measure just below the bust for the band size.
2. Measure the chest horizontally at the fullest part of the bust.

Cup size

Band size

Use the automatic calculator below or see the size grid below to find out your swimwear size.

Swimwear size grids

Measure your band size, bust size and hip size as shown above and refer to the guides opposite to work out the right size.​

• Calculate your swimsuit size:​

If your hip size is...​

84-88 cm 88-92cm 92-96 cm 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-108 cm

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Example: Your hip size is 89cm.
You're a size 34 in swimsuits.

• Calculate your underwire bikini top:

Your band size is...

63-67 cm 68-72 cm 73-77 cm 78-82 cm

Your cup size is:

A cup   78 - 83 cm70A 83 - 88 cm75A 88 - 93 cm80A
B cup 79 - 81 cm65B 84 - 86 cm 70B 89 - 91 cm 75B 94 - 96 cm80B
C cup 82 - 84 cm65C 87 - 89 cm70C 92 - 94 cm75C 97 - 99 cm80C
D cup 85 - 87 cm65D 90 - 92 cm70D 95 - 97 cm75D 100 - 102 cm80D
E cup   93 - 95 cm70E 98 - 100 cm75E 103 - 105 cm80E
F cup   96 - 98 cm70F 101 - 103 cm75F 106 - 108 cm80F

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Your band size is 75cm. Your size is 75. Your cup size is 92cm. You're a C cup.
Your underwired bikini top size is 75C.

• Size conversions for bikini tops and swimsuits in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL:

Now you know your chest size, you also know your size for our swimsuits sized as XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.​ Please refer to the following as a guide:

If you're a:

Get a:


• Calculate your bikini top size in 32, 36, 38, 40:

If your chest size is:

Then your bikini top and 1 piece size is:

32 34 36 38 40

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Example :
Your chest size is 89 cm. You're size 36 in bikini top.

• Calculate your bikini briefs size :

If your hip size is:

84-88 cm 88-92 cm 92-96 cm 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-108 cm

Cliquez sur votre taille pour découvrir votre sélection de bas de bikini !

Exemple :
Votre tour de bassin mesure 95 cm à l'endroit le plus fort, votre taille de bas est donc un 38 dans les bas de bikini.
Si vous vous situez entre deux tailles, préférez la plus grande pour être plus à l'aise.

International swimwear size guide

Do you want to check your swimsuit size? Do you want to make sure you get the right bikini size if you're used to European and UK sizes?
Open the table below to check your size.

View guides
French sizes European sizes UK sizes
You're a French size 38, your European size is 36 and your UK size is 10.

A few tips to help you find out your swimwear size.

Have you found your dream swimwear for a holiday by the beach or swimming sessions at the pool? Despite our advice, are you unsure what size to pick?
Our swimwear is true to size, but as with lingerie bottoms, if in doubt, we recommend choosing a size bigger than your usual swimwear size. This way, you won't end up with uncomfortably small swimwear.

Already know your swimwear size? But do you know which style best suits your figure? One-piece, two-piece, bikinis, bandeau, triangle, push-up...
Find out which style best suits your body type by referring to our swimwear shape guide.